INSTANTANÉS - Quintet album featuring Markus StockhausenINSTANTANÉS - Album en Quintette avec Markus Stockhausen


The utmost beautiful musical moments of a week in Paris for this quintet, at the club "Le Duc des Lombards" in 1997.

Antoine Hervé is on piano, Markus Stockhausen on trumpet, François Moutin on double bass, Louis Moutin on drums and Arnaud Frank on percussions.

The recording and the mix are from a great signature: Simon Derasse

11 titles: 1. Long Hair Woman (10:53) 2. Soul As A Dance (6:44) 3. La Fille Bleue (5:43) 4. Sharing (8:23) 5. Silence Comes In Waves (5:07) 6. Serenity (9:16) 7. La Boite A Musique (5:54) 8. Something About Wolfgang (2:07) 9. Salsita (3:31) 10. Chango- Chango (1:44)

Totale duration: 71'33

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"Pianist, composer, conductor, artistic director and producer Antoine Hervé is a household name on the French music scene. After graduating from Paris Conservatory, he received several prizes, among them the Django Reinhardt Award from the Académie du Jazz in 1985. From 1987 to 1989, he conducted French Orchestre National de Jazz in more than 140 concerts and for several productions. Hervé also founded several organisations and composed for musicals and contemporary classical ensembles. In the jazz field, he performed or recorded with international stars such as Dee Dee Bridgewater, Gil Evans, Quincy Jones, Chet Baker, Martial Solal and Didier Lockwood. In the fall of 1997, Hervé presented a unique quintet at the Duc de Lombards jazz club in Paris. It consisted of one of Europe’s most impressive trumpet players, Markus Stockhausen (the son of German composer Karl-Heinz Stockhausen), the French top-notch rhythm team of twin brothers François and Louis Moutin and percussionist Arnaud Franck who worked a lot with African musicians. Such was the success of their collective effort that Hervé decided to release the live recordings on CD, partly as an homage to the Paris audience. Says the bandleader: “In the living music and in collective improvisation the audience plays an active role in the creative process. The concentration and the ability to listen provide a large part of the energy the artist needs to achieve coherent musical forms in real time.” Ranging from free-flowing collective fantasies to refined funky grooves, “Invention Is You” offers music full of charm and surprise due to its spontaneous origin in a very special situation. Several of the tunes are totally improvised without any prior conception and show the great empathy, mutual trust and intimacy among the five musicians. “These sessions mean a lot in my musical life,” says Hervé. “May these musical moments open a window to our inner silence and touch our hearts.”  

"a deep and brilliant music" 

Les meilleurs moments de ce quintette enregistré live quatre jours durant au Duc des Lombards (Paris) en 1997. Avec Markus Stockhausen trompette, François Moutin Cbasse, Louis Moutin batterie, Arnaud Frank percussions et Antoine Hervé piano.

11 titres: 1. Long Hair Woman (10:53) 2. Soul As A Dance (6:44) 3. La Fille Bleue (5:43) 4. Sharing (8:23) 5. Silence Comes In Waves (5:07) 6. Serenity (9:16) 7. La Boite A Musique (5:54) 8. Something About Wolfgang (2:07) 9. Salsita (3:31) 10. Chango- Chango (1:44)

Durée totale: 71'33

Un son remarquable signé Simon Derasse.


Chroniques sur le CD "Instantanés" réédité sous le titre « INVENTION IS YOU »

"Une musique profonde et brillantissime."

"Pianiste et compositeur révélé au début des années 80, directeur musical d'un Orchestre national de jazz remarqué (1987-1989), Antoine Hervé se livre aujourd'hui avec ce quintette aux joies de l'improvisation, avec un goût du risque parfaitement assumé. Jouant sur les réflexes développés en trio avec les frères Moutin - François à la contrebasse et Louis à la batterie, Antoine Hervé laisse ici toute liberté au percussionniste Arnaud Frank pour intervenir à sa guise, tout en ménageant une place de choix à l'univers poétique du trompettiste Markus Stockhausen. "


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